• Head Office: No. 4 Pembroke St, Sydenham, Johannesburg

Security & Guarding

Easy Security & Guards (ESS&G)Mission is to provide the Client with service excellence through discipline, dedication and development. We believe in long term business commitments with our Clients based upon honesty, transparency and excellent service levels.

ESS&G has over the past 18 years of business diversified its range of services to meet the new challenges posed by crime and ever changing needs of clients. It is a company that goes a lot further than simply responding to security needs. We consider our employees and clients as our most valuable assets and we are able to meet our commitment to protecting and growing them.


What Makes Us Different

ESS&G has since involved its service provision to render the following quality security services.

  • Guarding (Armed & Unarmed) reaction unit, escort and undercover.
  • Burglar doors , gates and CCTV.
  • Electric fencing.
  • Manufacturing of remote controls.
  • Renovation and painting works.
  • Training School.

The company holds an impressive record of fulfilling its contractual obligation to the satisfaction of its customers. We use the latest technology in rendering our services and we render our services obsolete before our customers and competitors do it for us. We are able to add value to all of our clients.

ESS&G has quickly grown into a highly structured, corporate organization with the help of The Business-place and Growth-point through providing business and Financial Skills workshops as well as exposure to big companies operating within the Security Industry and networking opportunities with potential clients.

Our Security & Guarding Procedure include:

Our Security Personnel are paraded and inspected at a central point prior to being posted to site. The following items are inspected to ensure the standard and correctness of the individual being posted:
  • Full, neat and clean uniform
  • Handcuffs
  • Rain coats
  • Pocketbook and pens
  • Sobriety
  • Ancillary equipment

Attendance checks occur in advance of the commencement of the shift and absentee staff are replaced immediately by a trained rostered reliever. All Security Officers are searched prior to deployment.

Our business is labour intensive and we run a well disciplined operation. We believe that we support a happy ground force and our disciplines are stringent. We make sure that all Personnel are well dressed in proper uniform, arrive in time for parade and well disciplined in order for them to portray a good image for the company. Personnel who have not shaved, arrive late for parade and are dressed in incomplete or improper uniform are not posted to the sites and are subject to the relevant disciplinary process.

Marked Easy Security vehicles are used for posting all paraded personnel. This is to ensure that the entire compliment arrives as a unit and timeously.

Our incentive scheme encourages the reporting of acts of bribery and the controlled monitored staging of colluded theft. We reward personnel for reporting attempted bribery approaches and this has resulted in numerous arrests and successful prosecutions of the perpetrators.

Employees who show commitment, loyalty, competence and ability are provided with the opportunity and means within the company to advance into management positions. This policy provides Easy Security with supervisory and managerial staff with a proven track record.

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